A Cornish Isle

Here is a spectacular island of caves, coves and stacks I met when hiking along the South West Coastal path, northeast of Newquay in Cornwall.

Cornwall transports you into ancient memories; its a place where stone lives and speaks, but in majestic, proud silence. Old Red Sandstone and Granite still guard the coastline as they have done for millions and millions of years. We humans are but little children of the earth compared to them – the rocks were here long before me and will be here long afterwards.

I never realised how truly beautiful stones are before I came to this place. The depth of colours; the intricate or colossal formations; the craggy jagged lines or the neat and perfectly cut tiles; dangerous and inhospitable sheer cliff faces, and yet homes to animals, plants and strange organisms all at once.

I live in one of the busiest cities in the world, but my heart is in the real, natural world.

Where my heart is


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2 Responses to A Cornish Isle

  1. steviepreater says:

    There are some really beautiful places in Cornwall. You’re making me homesick for England!

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