Trees in Bloom

The first wave of Spring has passed, those couple of weeks when you can just see its green tips smiling on the branches of trees; it’s given way to a beautiful bloom of fresh, young leaves, bright and eager in their verdure.

I always feel this time of the year is precious, it doesn’t last very long before the leaves become fuller with the lazy air of summer, and take on a darker hue – I’ve noticed the horse chestnuts usually begin to brown by mid June. So it’s worth capturing the sight of Spring as much possible while it lasts.

Here is the happy Ash tree outside my window, one of the first to flourish its new leaves this year – and how fine it looks! Most of the Oaks in Richmond Park are still taking their time – and why not! They will look beautiful once in full bloom, and they look beautiful even now. I was struck by the rich woven patterns on their trunks: they spoke wisdom.




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