UK Spring Hike: Gomshall to Guildford

Last spring I went on a hike from Gomshall to Guildford, along the South Downs but a fairly flat gradient – definitely a more relaxing hike, with pleasant scenery and passing quaint villages and farmsteads on the way.  I used the Time-out walking book as a guide for the hike route.  A great find, I’d love to go on this hike again!


The village of Shere and the ancient Church spire visible in the background


Arriving at the village of Shere, we paid a visit to the 13th Century Medieval church – very beautiful with its ancient stone work.  Then crossing the bridge, there was the river, home to ducks and their new-born ducklings.  There was a little art gallery in the village, and quite a few appealing tea shops and cafes, where I treated myself to an ice-cream 🙂 .





After the village, we passed a farm where we met these beautiful ponies. The last stretch of the hike was through a forest and along a river.  Here’s a view of the woods and its fantastic spread of bluebells – the hike was worth it for this alone 🙂 .


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