A Drawing of A Hobbit Hole, and the Theme of ‘Home’ in Middle-earth.

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A Hobbit HoleA Hobbit Hole

“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.” (The Hobbit ~ J.R.R.Tolkien)

So begins one of the most iconic adventure stories, in the humblest of settings.  Tolkien afterwards explained that this was a random line he scribbled on the back of an exam script, with no real idea of what a ‘hobbit’ actually was, or why it lived in a hole.  It just came to him, and the story grew organically from the spontaneity of words, rather than the other way round.

This is a wonderful beginning – literally, for the simple story of The Hobbit; but also creatively for the greater epic that would eventually flourish from it.  Really, it is one of the themes at the heart of the hobbits’ tales (Bilbo’s and Frodo’s) – the theme of Home, of simplicity, of being grounded (both physically and in character), of being close to the earth…

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2 Responses to A Drawing of A Hobbit Hole, and the Theme of ‘Home’ in Middle-earth.

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  2. John.Y. says:

    Love the picture. Yes I agree, the starting is simple but wonderful.

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