Dear traveller, welcome to Earth and Oak.

Here you’ll find reflections on walking, nature, history, and Tolkien.  At first glance it’s quite an eclectic hotch-potch of interests.  But as the blog has evolved, I’ve realised that what connects them all is the idea of a story and a journey.

Everything and everyone has a narrative, of a journey through time or space.  I’m interested in that – what is, what was, but also how the ‘is’ and ‘was’ get constructed, passed on and received.  And I enjoy a good story, whether written, oral or visual, and especially those told by nature.  There is something ancient and deeply-rooted in simple story-telling.

Sometimes there may even be the odd comment and perspective on the strange goings-on of the world…

But more often than not, you’ll be able to peruse in peace, with just the sound of the wind or the sea.

Feel free to share your comments, thoughts and musings on the blog – always nice to hear from others!

Thanks for visiting 🙂



6 Responses to About

  1. Discovered your blog on Twitter. Very nice.

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  3. All the best, Earthoak. Your blog has a friendly voice.

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