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St Mary’s Quad

This is St Mary’s college in St Andrews, dedicated for centuries to the study of divinity. This picture was taken from inside the old library, named after Professor James Gregory, the renowned 17th century mathematician and astronomer. The latticed windows have a … Continue reading

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Reading and Drawing the Lord of the Rings Part 2: Enter Frodo Baggins and the Ring

The morning after the night before – Drawing with ink and wide nib Welcome to my 50th post on this blog! The Influence of the Ring It is in this chapter that we get our first glimpse of the power … Continue reading

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Reading and drawing The Lord of the Rings Part 1: Bilbo’s Long Expected Party

Gandalf arrives in Hobbiton – Drawing with ink and wide nib WHENEVER autumn arrives, when the leaves turn red and orange, and there’s a new chill in the air, I feel it’s a time for new challenges. I’m sure there’s a strong … Continue reading

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Mysterious Cities of Gold Episode Recap: Ep 3 Heroes Again

The next recap of ‘Mysterious Cities of Gold’ is finally here! I figured it was high time I returned to the the 16th century and our voyage to the New World…so here we go, and it’s an especially dramatic episode this time!

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The Art of Ted Nasmith

Originally posted on J Glover Art:
Welcome to the latest addition to my companion posts, running bi-weekly on alternate weeks to my Lord of the Rings Project, for this week’s post I’ll be talking about the art of a very…

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South-West Coastal Path: Lulworth Cove to Weymouth

Last week I returned to one of my favourite hiking routes on the South West Coastal path, Lulworth Cove to Weymouth.  A World Heritage Site, it’s one of the best Jurassic coastlines in the world, with striking geological landforms.

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Middle-earth on the back of an envelope: Sketch of Thorin and Others

Every now and again it’s fun to opt for something less wordy here at the blog.  Middle-earth usually provides the inspiration. I have a habit of doodling on random bits of paper I find – very often it will be the proverbial … Continue reading

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