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Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos, more commonly known as ‘Devil’s Ivy’, or to give it its scientific name, Epipremnum Aureum, is an evergreen vine native to the Pacific Islands.

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“There is Good Rock Here”

There are many routes up and across ‘Arthur’s Seat’, each one different. Some steep, some rocky, some a gentle stroll. On this particular occasion I began at the Southern end, and took the ascending northward path through the long grass … Continue reading

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‘Constable Country’ Walk – Manningtree Circular

I swapped the rain and hills of the previous Saturday for blue skies and fields this weekend. The route this time: Manningtree Circular. The walk would take in the historic village of Dedham and the River Stour. The area is … Continue reading

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Pentland Regional Park: Glencorse Reservoir Walk

My commitment to complete at least one hike a week has fared quite well. I resolved long ago to not be put off by ‘bad’ weather – remarkably that resolve hasn’t been put to the test that much as, by … Continue reading

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Frodo and the Tyranny of Being Watched

When we think of the many burdens and eventual traumas that Frodo had to deal with by the end of the story, what do we remember? We know of the physical maiming of course, and Shelob’s sting. We also know … Continue reading

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End of 2020 and The Shire in Winter – Painting in Acrylic

What a difficult year 2020 has been for everyone, the world over. I have heard of much grief and loss – and what is more, loss that cannot be mourned in the normal way. I learned many things this year … Continue reading

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Apples in Watercolour and Tolkien

This post is about watercolour and apples in the first half, with a connection to the Lord of the Rings in the second half.

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Drawing of Bilbo at Smaug’s Lair

This drawing is the companion to this one. It needs very little explanation, I hope, but it is of course Bilbo Baggins at the entrance of Smaug’s Lair in the Lonely Mountain. It is the exact opposite to the first … Continue reading

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