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Part 4, Reading and Drawing The Lord of the Rings: On Fear, Knowledge and Power

At last, a new blogpost, to (nearly) coincide with Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday! This is the second and last post on The Shadow of the Past…I’ve narrowed it down to a few themes, but there is so much more that could … Continue reading

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Tolkien’s Art and How it Influenced His Writing: Drawing to Discover

Tolkien’s artwork, rather than his writing, was my first gateway to Middle-earth; so Jeffrey J. MacLeod’s and Anna Smol’s recent article “Visualizing the Word: Tolkien as Artist and Writer” (Tolkien Studies, volume 14) is of particular interest to me.  The … Continue reading

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The Art of Ted Nasmith

Originally posted on JGlover Art:
Welcome to the latest addition to my companion posts, running bi-weekly on alternate weeks to my Lord of the Rings Project, for this week’s post I’ll be talking about the art of a very well…

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Middle-earth on the back of an envelope: Sketch of Thorin and Others

Every now and again it’s fun to opt for something less wordy here at the blog.  Middle-earth usually provides the inspiration. I have a habit of doodling on random bits of paper I find – very often it will be the proverbial … Continue reading

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Drawing of Bilbo Baggins at Bag-End, inspired by 3 Tolkien Artists

(Drawing in ink and pencil)

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A Drawing of A Hobbit Hole, and the Theme of ‘Home’ in Middle-earth.

Originally posted on Earth and Oak:
A Hobbit Hole “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.” (The Hobbit ~ J.R.R.Tolkien) So begins one of the most iconic adventure stories, in the humblest of settings.  Tolkien afterwards explained…

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Hobbits journey through ‘Green Hill Country’ by Ted Nasmith

Green Hill Country by Ted Nasmith. Another faithful rendering of the essence and spirit of Tolkien’s writing by Nasmith! I am re-reading The Fellowship of the Ring at the moment, and have just finished the chapters ‘Three is Company’ and … Continue reading

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