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Reading and Drawing the Lord of the Rings Part 2: Enter Frodo Baggins and the Ring

The morning after the night before – Drawing with ink and wide nib Welcome to my 50th post on this blog! The Influence of the Ring It is in this chapter that we get our first glimpse of the power … Continue reading

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A Dishevelled Dryad Loveliness

Originally posted on Wisdom from The Lord of the Rings:
Frodo and Sam have journeyed through many landscapes since they left Bag End together stepping out onto the Road that Bilbo once sang about, that “Goes ever on and on”.…

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Memorable quotations from the Lord of the Rings (not the obvious ones…)

I was once asked for some of my favourite quotations from The Lord of the Rings. Thinking about this question, I pondered on the ones that often get repeated – of these, the most common, and frankly now unoriginal one, … Continue reading

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