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St Mary’s Quad

This is St Mary’s college in St Andrews, dedicated for centuries to the study of divinity. This picture was taken from inside the old library, named after Professor James Gregory, the renowned 17th century mathematician and astronomer. The latticed windows have a … Continue reading

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UK Spring Hike: Gomshall to Guildford

Last spring I went on a hike from Gomshall to Guildford, along the South Downs but a fairly flat gradient – definitely a more relaxing hike, with pleasant scenery and passing quaint villages and farmsteads on the way.  I used … Continue reading

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The first wave of Spring has passed, those couple of weeks when you can just see its green tips smiling on the branches of trees; it’s given way to a beautiful bloom of fresh, young leaves, bright and eager in … Continue reading

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Green Haven

Rainforest, Singapore Walking along the Tree-tops you have a panoramic view of the lush rainforest – the forest feels free, abundant, alive. These rainforests are the great engines of the entire planet, working in majestic harmony with the rest of … Continue reading

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Willows by the River

The water was so clear and the sky so blue, that the river seemed to have captured a perfect photograph of the line of willow trees that lined its banks.

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