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Frodo and the Tyranny of Being Watched

When we think of the many burdens and eventual traumas that Frodo had to deal with by the end of the story, what do we remember? We know of the physical maiming of course, and Shelob’s sting. We also know … Continue reading

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Reading and Drawing the Lord of the Rings Part 3: On Being an Oddity

In his Foreword, Tolkien describes ‘The Shadow of the Past’ as the oldest part of the tale and ‘the crucial chapter’ of the book. One can see why, as it anchors the entire tale in history and depth, thanks in … Continue reading

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Frodo’s Goodbye and Last Sight of Hobbiton

This beautiful rendering of the ‘Last Sight of Hobbiton‘ by Ted Nasmith (2002) is one of my favourite works of Tolkien art. Nasmith tends to capture the essence of the tale in his artwork: it retains the enchantment of Middle-earth, … Continue reading

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